Mixanmore: The Scent of Success in Qatar

Our Perfume Journey

Hey fragrance fans! If you're in Qatar and have a nose for the finer things in life, you might have already come across some perfumes we've had a hand in creating. We're Mixanmore, formerly known as Sishira Perfume Factory, and we've been quietly crafting scents that have made their mark on the local scene.

A Fragrance for Every Story

We're not just about making perfumes; we're about bottling up emotions, memories, and aspirations. It's been an incredible journey working with so many diverse brands and individuals.

Have you Tried Kenooz, Q51, or Wajaha lately? Yep, those were done with us. Ever been captivated by the unique notes of Ble Perfumes, One 990, or Calender Perfumes? Those are our babies too.

And that's not all! We've had the pleasure of crafting  fragrances for some of Qatar's most discerning perfumeries, like Anec. Perfumery, Mirwad, Gawali, and Rose Gallery. We've even helped budding entrepreneurs bring their own perfume visions to life.

Crafting Dreams, One Bottle at a Time

At Mixanmore, we're all about turning dreams into reality, one fragrance at a time. Whether you're a local brand looking to make a splash or someone with a personal perfume project, we've got you covered. We know the Qatari market inside out, so we can help you create a scent that truly resonates with your audience.

We're passionate about using the highest quality ingredients and our team of expert perfumers will work closely with you to create a unique fragrance that tells your story.

More Than Just a Perfume Factory

We're not your average factory. We're a team of passionate creators who believe that every perfume has a story to tell. We're all about pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in the world of fragrance. We're not just making perfumes; we're creating experiences.

Ready to Create Something Special?

So, if you're ready to embark on a fragrant adventure, we invite you to reach out. Let's create something extraordinary together!

Z. M. SHERIF May 12, 2024
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