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Trilogy Set: Elegance Reimagined

Category: Signature Eau de Parfum Collection
Size: 10 x 100ml Bottles
Contains: 10 Signature scents , Luxurious Bukhoor and Mutter .

Immerse yourself in the Trilogy Set, a curated ensemble of 10 exceptional Eau de Parfums, each encased in a 100ml vessel of sensory delight. This set is a harmonious blend of the Silver Collection's grace and the enigmatic allure of our PHI Selection.

Silver Collection: Explore a spectrum of scents – S, I, L, V, E, and R – each embodying a distinct facet of sophistication. From S's crisp, invigorating notes to R's resonant, rich depths, these fragrances weave a tapestry of olfactory elegance.

PHI Selection: Venture into the exotic with 'Chest of Agar', 'Narcotic Dose', 'Leather of Dahman', and 'Safarjal'. 'Chest of Agar' offers a labyrinth of woody notes, while 'Narcotic Dose' captivates with its bold, hypnotic essence. 'Leather of Dahman' exudes a luxurious, earth-toned aroma, and 'Safarjal' intrigues with its sweetly spiced melody.

Bukhoor: Presenting the rich, smoky notes of our traditional Bukhoor. Its deep and resonating aroma creates an ambiance of opulence and mystery, perfect for moments of reflection and tranquility.

Muattar: The Muattar is a delicate dance of scents, offering a bridge between the ancient and modern worlds. Its intricate composition is both refreshing and profound, making it ideal for enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Presented in a meticulously crafted box, the Trilogy Set transcends the ordinary. It is a limited edition embodiment of luxury, designed not just to be experienced, but to be treasured.

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