Elixer Treasury Vault: The Grand 40

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I am pleased to present to you an exceptional treasure, which will only be repeated in this story in your hands, the story of passion and art in elixirs carefully selected from the finest components of nature and perfumes and the most wonderful and honorable. Each ingredient has been meticulously selected not only to reflect the quality and craftsmanship, but also to reflect the deep art of therapeutic chemistry of body, mind and soul. This portal of a leather safe inlaid with gold enamel transports you to a world of sensory exploration and emotional connection, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-expression, discovery and growth, because some of these fragrances are exclusive only and will not be repeated in other versions. Handcrafted with the utmost dedication, this treasure captures the essence of refinement and sophistication. Stimulates your openness and curiosity for an artistic and sensory mysterious experience As you indulge in a symphony of captivating scents, you will find that this gift perfectly aligns with your values. It satisfies your desire for depth, your aspiration for constant development, your inherent desire to embrace the pleasures of life. By instilling feelings of happiness, well-being and love, this gift becomes the embodiment of your pursuit of a life rich in important experiences. Our intention is to provide you with a piece of art that is not only beautiful to display, but also fits into the essence of each unique personality and striving for excellence. You'll search and find your favorite taste in a knitted mix of items included in this piece. Enjoy the eagerly handmade elixirs and discover what you can adopt as part of yourself. Sheikha Al-Misnad


1. Ghaliat Alkindi
2. AAA Oud Elixir
3. Chypre Elixir: (100% Natural)
4. Pheromone Elixir
5. Fougree Elixir: (100% Natural)
6. Indian Oud Elixir
7. Cambodian Oud Elixir
8. Ambergris Elixir
9. Iris Elixir
10. Lily Elixir
11. Rose water elixir
12. Vanilla Elixir
13. Time Capsule Elixir
14. Herbal Elixir
15. Gardenia Elixir
16. Water Elixir
17. Incense Elixir
18. Frankincense Elixir
19. Mashmoum Elixir
20. Laurel Elixir
21. Gunpowder Elixer
22. Elixir of the Astrolabe
23. Royal Musk Elixir
24. Gold Elixer
25. Himalayan Salt Elixir
26. Cloud Mist Elixir
27. Taif Rose Elixir
28. Elixir of Pleasure (100% Natural)
29. Elixir of Optimism (100% Natural)
30. Elixir for Deep Sleep (100% Natural)
31. Elixir of Neroli
32. Aromatic Elixir (Natural)
33. Elixir S
34. Elixir I
35. Elixir L
36. Elixir V
37. Elixir E
38. Elixir R
39. Dahman Elixir
40. Kashmir Musk Elixir

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